Xiamen Teleide Trademark Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to briefly as Teleide) is a professional organizations of trademark legal services. it was established after approval by Xiamen industrial and commercial bureau and registered in SAIC Trademark Office.

           Teleide was founded in 2006 by Ms. Huifang Zhang, who has 20 years of experience in IP services, and a team of experienced professionals with great savvy of intellectual property matters. Teleide promotes high standards of training, qualification and continued learning in order to ensure that the staff profession is able to undertake on behalf of clients, large and small, all of the work associated with securing and protecting trade marks and other intellectual property rights, both in the China and abroad.

           Within a thriving IP service market and also a most competitive arena in China, Teleide adopts a very flexible cost-effective stratagem on the basis of a most client-friendly interface, which proves a remarkable success both in terms of client comments and of the volume of business.

           Teleide always bears in mind what clients are most concerned about and adjusts its services mottos to satisfy the client needs. Our attorneys and legal staff know exactly how each case needs to be fully dealt with and what details should be cared about in order to avoid the least possible office action, thus saving the application costs of the clients and bringing applications to an as early as possible mature end.

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